Welcome to the Show

untitled1I’m pretty sure my life could be easily made into a sitcom – a drama – a thriller…all wrapped up in one.  It’s actually too good to miss out on – so here’s your opportunity to join in just by reading along.

I don’t really have a clear path for this blog or what I want to write about.  I just know there are plenty of things that I encounter on a daily basis that make me want to write – to tell stories – and I figured this would be a good outlet for those times.  These aren’t Facebook status posts or Twitter updates either.  They are things that impact me…things that I learn…things that I sure as hell want to document so I never do them again.  Ya know – the stuff that makes life more exciting.

The components of my life are pretty varied.  A divorced father of a 6-year-old daughter, now living with his committed boyfriend of almost two years, from a family whose beliefs go against every part of his being – and that’s really just the beginning.  The funny thing about all of that is, though – I wouldn’t change a thing.  Every single aspect of my life has taught me something.  Whether it be the hardest trial I’ve endured or something that brought the biggest smile to my face – the lessons learned have shaped who I am today.

So, if you haven’t stopped reading this by now – then I think you’ll enjoy what’s to come.  Hell, I hope I even enjoy what’s to come.  I guess we’ll find out together, eh?

Anyway – welcome to the show!



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