Smile For The Camera!

untitledLast night, the daughter and I got artsy and went to see the Cirque du Soleil show that was in town.  If you have never seen one of these shows – you need to.  It’s flippin’ amazing (no pun intended…kinda…).  There’s juggling – flipping – balancing – throwing – hand standing – flying – and all kinds of other goodness that happens throughout the show.  Combine that with outrageous costumes and set designs and you have a pretty eventful evening.

What made it even better was that, when I purchased our tickets, we were in the top top balcony (basically, Heaven) and off to the left a bit.  Those were the best seats I could get because I was a little late in purchasing.

[Insert story now of how having friends who work for these places is *such* an advantage]  When we picked up our tickets at the Will Call window, my friend asked if I wanted to be upgraded.  Anyone who answers “No” to that question is seriously dumb.  Our upgrade was to the Orchestra level – in the Pit – which was the third row back – in the middle.  A complete 180 from where we were originally – and sooo much better!  What made it even better was the pure excitement I could see in the child once we got to the seats and realized just how close we were.  It was a fantastic father/daughter date night.

Fantastic – until we tried to get a picture together.

Now people, I understand that, in this day of constant technological advances, some of you may not keep up with the times.  [I also realize that those who don’t keep up most assuredly don’t blog or read blogs, so I’ll stop talking as if you are one of them…unless you are…then I’m mad at you and you make no sense]

My point is – if you’re not technologically savvy – then don’t respond with a “Yes” when I ask you to take a picture for me.  This is MY moment and MY memory.  I don’t want some dipshit to mess it all up with a poor picture, just because they have some innate inability to explain why taking this picture would not be a good idea for them.

But alas, this kindness was not bestowed upon me yesterday.  Instead, I had two individuals (one who took two pictures “just to be sure”) attempt to take pictures and…well, I’ll just show you the evidence…

9      10      11

The moral of this story:

If the person holding your phone must ask, “Now, what do I need to push to take the picture?”, you’re screwed.



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