A Change *Will* Do Me Good

Change - Blue ButtonChange.

It’s sometimes a scary word for me.  I like to say that I handle change well – but I would be lying.  I’m the “everything set in place – plans made and will be followed – no deviation from the plan” type of person…which can be good…but also very bad.  There’s so much uncertainty with change.  I can actually feel my blood pressure rising right now just writing about change because it seriously overwhelms me just a tad bit too much.  Regardless, though, change is sometimes necessary.

This present change for me, however, is not scary.  It’s not overwhelming.  It’s not uncertain.  It’s not something I dread.  It’s not met with resistance or an inability to show acceptance.

It’s absolutely perfect.

It encompasses me.  It lets me use my creative, professional, and personable skills in a way that will be satisfying and rewarding all at the same time.  It is a statement to others about my life and my strongly-held beliefs.  It’s definitely a change.

Today is my last day working at a job I’ve held for the past five years.  Not only have I grown comfortable and confident in my work here, but I have also cultivated relationships with individuals that are near and dear to my heart.  It has become a second home and family to me.  And now I’m leaving it.  Though normally this fact alone would cause me to sweat profusely and stress myself completely out – I’m at peace.  I have made this decision after much thought and consideration – and have realized that the timing is perfect and the opportunity is ideal.  So – I changed.

My new job will see me using various skills in order to further the awareness and acceptance of equality in the state of West Virginia.  It is obviously something that hits close to home for me – and something I have become passionate about since coming out.  This is not simply a change in jobs.  No, it’s more than that to me.  It’s a statement of who I am – a statement of what I believe – and a statement that I am *finally* happy and confident with my life.

So, thanks for the thought, Sheryl Crow.  I believe a change *will* do me good.

Here’s to 2013.



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