Improving Self Care

A friend of mine posted this image on Instagram yesterday – and I haven’t been able to get it out of my mind since.  It’s always interesting to me…this notion of caring for yourself…because I find that it’s often one of the hardest things to do, and do well.

I look at this list and see areas of my life that could use some work – areas that I feel I have somewhat of a grasp on – and other areas that make so much sense, but have gone unnoticed.  Take a look…


This list could serve as a slap in the face to some.  But it could also serve as a wake up call to others, highlighting those aspects that…with the right amount of TLC…could be the beginning of a new, exciting outlook on life!

For me, it was a mix of both…but it also served as more of a challenge.

The first one I noticed was #5.  I’ve always been a person that – in sports, in work, in anything I do – I tend to speak down to myself.  In all venues, I get mad at simple mistakes.  I often use the words “dumb”, “stupid”, “idiot” when trying to regain my own focus or when calling myself out on these mishaps.  Where some may use this tactic as a way to build up a thicker skin – I see this as downgrading my own self worth.  It’s a horrible habit [I believe] but it’s one I have had a tough time breaking for many years.  But now is as good a time as ever – right?

The other one that caught my eye was #6.  If you’ve read other posts from my blog, you know some of the goals and dreams I hold.  While some of these dreams are *very* lofty – they are still something to strive towards…something to shoot for…something to focus on.    This simple image encouraged me to keep moving forward and to continue striving for those goals…no matter how out-of-reach they may appear.

So – what will it be for you?  Will you look at this list and just as quickly forget those aspects that could enable you to truly take care of yourself?  Or will you take the list to heart – make the appropriate changes – and begin to focus on what really makes you *you*?

I’d love to hear what you think…and what numbers (if any) challenged you.



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