Happiness Is…

Happiness is… what?

It’s a lot of different things to a lot of different people.  It’s kind of cool when you look at it like that, actually.  What may be boring and mundane to you is absolute bliss to another individual.  It’s how we’re wired – what makes us so different from one another yet so intriguing in this thing called “life”.

Happiness is…deserved.  By everyone.

But not always granted.

Happiness is…sometimes a breath of fresh air.  Or a light at the end of a long, dark tunnel.

It’s that feeling of excitement – that bolt or burst of energy – that moment where nothing could erase the smile on your face.

Happiness is…time.  With friends, with family.

Or – hell – sometimes it’s a welcomed relief from such people.  [Don’t judge me – let’s just be honest for a hot minute…]

Overall, though – Happiness is something that we have all felt at one point or another.  Hopefully, it’s an emotion that is present more times than not.  But always – it’s there…waiting to be uncovered.  Waiting to be experienced.

I write this because – in all actuality – happiness can be hard to find.  You know it’s there – but it’s just barely out of reach.  You know that each and every situation is dressed in the possibility of happiness…no matter how dark or difficult that time may be.  Yet, it feels light years away.

I’ve experienced that feeling I don’t know how many times throughout my 32 years of living.  [Well – let’s go with like 30 years of living or something because it’s not like I *really* remember what I was thinking at birth or shortly after.]

Struggle after struggle – the idea of happiness seemed like a goal I knew would never be reached.  And it never truly was – until recently.

No, there was no “angel appearing” moment – no earth shattering event – that prompted this movement in my life.  It was simply a change in thought process.  It was a change in how I view my life.

A simple step with a life-changing effect.

I always looked at happiness as being a final product.  Once everything in life happens – once I’ve achieved what I knew I could and lived the way I knew I should – then happiness is what I would ultimately feel.

That’s just dumb.

And – quite frankly – living your life that way is going to dilute all of those defining moments that make a life truly happy.  You’ll miss the true successes and accomplishments or the simple and sweet everyday occurrences.  You’ll miss the realization of what truly makes you smile and forget every one of the burdens weighing on your shoulders.

Life – the pursuit of everything happiness – is a daily journey.  And this journey needs to be lived to its fullest – and realized at every single turn.

Once I adopted this mindset, I stopped worrying about end results.  I stopped looking in the past.  I stopped comparing what I have and how I live to others “in the same boat” as me.

I started paying attention.  I started being in the moment instead of trying to make the moment happen.  I smiled more.  I was sad less.

I became completely and utterly…happy.

Sure – there are still hard times.  And yes, there are still sad times or times when I do get down.  You’ll never get away from those times – and, interestingly enough, it’s nice to stay grounded that way.

But I remember that happiness is so easily achieved.  There are a million and four [and counting] things I can think about to bring that happiness back when I’m feeling everything but.

From groups of friends and time with family…to music, lazy days, and [yes] even Crossfit – happiness is always right around the corner for me.

It’s comforting.  It’s consistent.  It’s my life.

But – above all these things – my true happiness is this:

I found myself going through pictures on my phone and on my computer the other day – and I couldn’t stop smiling.  I had also heard this song recently and fell in love with it.  It’s entitled “A Perfect Day” by Danny Cope.  As I put this video together, I kept thinking about how all of these photos – these memories with the people I love the most – have made my life so much richer than I could have ever imagined.

And I felt so thankful.  And blessed.

And happy.

So – what’s your true source of happiness?

Find it – hold onto it – and live it every single day, my friends.