Watergeddon 2014

This new year, the state of West Virginia decided to kick it up a notch and really make our presence known on the national stage.  I’m [not] happy to say – we did it!!  Great job, you guys!

WatergeddonA chemical leak in the Elk River in Charleston, WV coined what people are now calling “Watergeddon”, “Aquageddon”, or any other clever name for this shitstorm.  It has been six days and there are still some areas affected by this contamination to the point that they are unable to use their water for cooking, cleaning, bathing – really, anything and everything.

Now, I’m not writing this because I have big opinions or anything like that on the matter – I’m just happy that I can now shower in my own home and not take what is known as a “whore’s bath” with baby wipes.

I’m writing on this topic simply because – as with any big event like this – social media blew up and was quite hilarious.  I wanted to share some specific tweets that I saw in my newsfeed that made me happy.

This was my favorite – by far:

Followed by this little gem:

Then a tweet that makes you go “hmmmm”…

And then – this.

Yes I know – this was a serious event.  It was unbelievable to realize just how much reliance we all have on clean water in our daily lives.  But – in the midst of being all skank and literally drinking milk out of a Solo cup – these tweets helped brighten the situation just enough.

And then the mother of them all occurred on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.  Some people were offended by this – but whatever.  I think it’s absolutely hysterical.

SO – as Watergeddon [or Aquageddon…whichever you prefer] 2014 comes to an end, so, too, will watergeddon2014the continuous use of the word “flush” in regular conversation…the increase of ponytails that simply stay in place and do not move an inch when touched…and the Black Friday-style rampages over bottled water in the stores.  Life will simply return to its normal routine where people are unafraid to shower or brush their teeth with this running water.  All will be well.

I sure will [not] miss you, Watergeddon.